NFTs are selling like hot cakes, with the exponential increase in market size every year. Just in 2020, NFT market that is barely over $250 million exploded exponentially to roughly $41 billion in 2021.
From the statistics highlighted, it's evident that everyone is trying to onboard the movement. And consequently, creating a personalized and customizable NFT marketplace is the best approach to stand out from the crowds. Thus, alongside the increasing demand for NFTs, there is an increasing demand for a marketplace. 

The Problem

Sadly, the entry barrier to entering the NFT market can be quite high, as the fees for minting NFTs can anywhere from tens to hundreds of dollars. Currently, no NFT Marketplace offers free minting.

Savage Goose NFT Marketplace will be the first marketplace to offer free minting so that you can turn anything into NFTs and start selling them or using them within our metaverse-based game right away. 

Savage Goose features an all-inclusive platform, available to carry out almost anything related to NFTs. In other words, it is taking an active step in the evolution of NFTs, bringing them from the dark, and introducing them into real-life utility and a world where anyone anywhere could sell, buy and even trade digital assets as NFT. 

The Solution